Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cupcake Party

It's not news that I'm crazy for cupcakes. And that might be an understatement. I've decided to start having quarterly cupcake parties to teach fun ideas and then I feature 3 displays & recipes that everyone can try out. I thought it would be fun to also have a "create your own" bar to let imaginations run wild! This was kind of a trial run so I have lots of fun ideas for future parties and hopefully they'll get better everytime. I'm going to have holiday themes too. My first one turned out pretty fun. It was for my birthday so it was a treat for me too! Here are some pics of the party. If you're interested in hosting one let me know! I have books and books of endless ideas.
The supplies I got from Parties by Hardie. Great fun-ADORE her stuff! I can't wait to find different ways to re use everything. I wanted to print more but my ink ran out in my printer! Boo

Pink Lemonade mini Cupcakes with strawberry frosting
Orange Chocolate cupcakes

Pumpkin Spice Turkey cupcakes-the girls had lots of fun with getting creative on these...bonus-they were DELICIOUS!!

My demos

Cupcake pops I made-not as great as Bakerella but I WILL perfect them!

I LOVE these cupcake holders...I found a great website with some really neat stuff.

Toppings and toppers

Birthday banner

Cupcake take home boxes

Favor basket and boxes
I made these cupcake candy pops with candy melts. I included the recipes to all of the cupcakes & frostings we had.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WeLcOmE to PaRtY PeRfEcT !

Well it's a start...I've been elbowed enough times by family & friends to officially start a party planning business that I decided to take the leap and see how it goes!

I've always loved parties. Who doesn't? From the planning to putting together AND's all my cup of tea! I'm really excited to put my passion and talents to use and make memorable & FUN experiences for others. After all, parties bring us together. It's a time to celebrate, give, make memories and for many it's that special time to get together with loved ones we don't see often. I've put together many many packages and themes for various parties, events and get togethers. Please check back often or contact me personally & browse my fun ideas! Or if you don't see something you like...I love a challenge. I'll put together a custom package for any theme you desire. Just ask!

I apologize for the major lack of professionalism and user friendly blogging...but I've been booked so solid with parties/events that I'm slowly working on the blog. I have a great blog coming up so patience will pay off my friends. I will be getting some blogger buttons soon so keep checking back & be sure to "button me up" on your page!

My digital camera just isn't capturing my parties the way I'd like-No fancy editing needed, just better quality like in the 1st pic on my "Golden" party (taken professionally)....anyone with a great camera interested in poppin over to shoot some pics for me during set up-in exchange for a deal???

Until then...please feel free to comment on my blog. follow me or email me @

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* "B's" Golden* PaRtY

I had a lot of fun putting together this *GoLdEn* birthday party for my great photographer friend Brooke (thanks Joni!). Her favorite color is gold and so it was all about glamour. We could've gone a lot more overboard and added in some Hollywood movie themed glamour but this was a budgeted party so next time! Turned out glamorous though don't ya think?! Thanks for the nod-yes, I saw it ;)

Home made peanut butter cups...oh YUMChocolate covered Oreo's are one of my signatures so you'll see lots of those!


A great night!

~Party Perfect by Jess