Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Son's Fire Truck Birthday Party

My son loves firetrucks...voila! He made this one easy for me. Only regrets are that I wish we had a bigger place so I could've really gone all out. Limited space limits my creativity. BUT overall it turned out great. The kids loved how the theme all tied together. From the decor to the activity to the treats to the gift boxes, it was one HOT party!
First we took a trip to our local Fire Station for a tour-Thanks Roy City!

Then we went back to our place for our Fire themed party. The tour took up the activity game plan so we pretty much just stuck to playing, treats, cake & presents this year. (ok minus the 5 seconds I got them to play "Hot & Cold" )


I made this building "on fire" to set his Firetruck gift boxes around

I made a photo shop for the kids

Hot Tamales with "You're Smokin Hot"
Gift Boxes:
Big Red gum
fire stickers
fire tattoos
firehose whistles
fire extinguisher squirt guns

Birthday Boy Chair
We kept orange & red sodas in the Fire Hydrant with a sign that said "Put Your Fire Out"


I made these "Flamin Cupcakes" using a lemon yogurt cupcake & Jolly Ranchers

And finally...the cake.

I know fondant would've been fancier but my son hates fondant so he won this battle.

Note to self: next time I'll put the hard candies on last because as you can see the front headlight started to melt & mess up my frosting the last hour. Learning as I go!

It was one HOT party!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Random Cakes

I know I know, I'm really more crazy about putting together full parties or table set ups, but until I get my packages going it's hard to advertise that. In the meantime I've been asked to do a few cakes. Which is great fun and experience too! I am looking to start taking cake classes so my creativity and skill can really take wind and I'll be able to do more then. But for now here's a start:

My Friend Joni hired me to make a birthday cake for her Fight Night lovin hubby

My friend Whitney hired me to make the cake & cupcakes for a "Wizard of Oz" theme. Let me tell you, if you're interested in one I have SOOO many ideas and would love the opportunity to put this together. If not I'll have to wait many years until I have a daughter to throw one for...please don't make me wait..haha!

Reena thought of me again...sweet sweet Reena. Here's a Curious George cake & banana cake for her son's First Birthday.

*Inside: German Chocolate cake, Caramel buttercream filling, Chocolate Buttercream filling, and banana chunks*

*Hired Halloween Party*

My cute friend Reena hired me to make just a few treats for her Halloween party. Here's what I came up with. Thanks again Reena!

Covered Oreos

Character Cake Balls

Candy apples

Annual Halloween Party

*Warning* Pic overload. This year's Annual Halloween Kids Party was a hit! I'll spare all the details and just show them to you. I tried to group these into collages but it wasn't working..sorry. So please bear with me and enjoy the pics from the holiday I love to party on!


Me & My Indian


DVD cover I made

Treat buckets

I made these buckets for the gift buckets & to collect their Pinata candy in and all the treats they made and prizes they won



Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
These were in the shape of tombstones & pumpkins...could've turned out better
Homemade Chili for the parents


They made graveyard cups w/orange jello on the bottom
We sang along to some Halloween action songs on our Halloween cd
We made Skeleton hands full of candy & popcorn!
And last...the pumpkin pinata.
To sum up, it was a Spooktacular time and the kids were overwhelmed with treats and candy. Just how I like it!
Can't wait for next year!