Thursday, January 28, 2010

Random Cakes

I know I know, I'm really more crazy about putting together full parties or table set ups, but until I get my packages going it's hard to advertise that. In the meantime I've been asked to do a few cakes. Which is great fun and experience too! I am looking to start taking cake classes so my creativity and skill can really take wind and I'll be able to do more then. But for now here's a start:

My Friend Joni hired me to make a birthday cake for her Fight Night lovin hubby

My friend Whitney hired me to make the cake & cupcakes for a "Wizard of Oz" theme. Let me tell you, if you're interested in one I have SOOO many ideas and would love the opportunity to put this together. If not I'll have to wait many years until I have a daughter to throw one for...please don't make me wait..haha!

Reena thought of me again...sweet sweet Reena. Here's a Curious George cake & banana cake for her son's First Birthday.

*Inside: German Chocolate cake, Caramel buttercream filling, Chocolate Buttercream filling, and banana chunks*

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  1. You should've put what the cake flavor was on his adorable Curious George cake! It was "Chunky Monkey"= chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream with BANANAS in the middle! It was so YUMMMY! Everybody finished off this one before I could offer seconds. :) Thanks again Jess!